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Dive tourism growing fast in Lanzarote

In our island, the dive tourism is being consolidated as an important source of attraction for visitors. Five of every 100 tourists who visited Lanzarote in 2014 were to go diving. And the figure soars in the summer. A few days ago, joined us in Native Diving Costa Teguise Television Canaria news cameras to talk about this phenomenon.

Currently there are twenty-five diving schools in Lanzarote, which indicates that it is a very booming activity.

Discover Scuba

We call ‘diving baptism‘ or ‘sea baptism’ to the first dip made by a person who is preparing to be a diver. It is often said that this first immersion serves to decide if diving like us or not, and beyond, to see if we want to get a scuba diving certification or not.

In our case, the baptisms consist of a discussion of basic training, after which divers wear the scuba gear and go to the place of baptism, ready to plunge.

They dive with a vest (BCD, buoyancy control device) which houses a 10 liter tank, with the faucet connected to the regulator and pressure gauge, that tells us the remaining air.

Corals, sponges, colorful…

Much of divers with whom we share experiences come from the United Kingdom, but also dive with Germans, Dutch, French, and in August also Spanish. Overall, about 100,000 divers come to Lanzarote a year, dipping to discover the underwater depths of our paradise: many caves with corals, sponges, many color, many marine animals and, above all, great adventure and fun.



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