puerto del carmen



Here, there are dives where we can find curious underwater landscapes of volcanic lava, caves, white sand and abundant life.

la catedral

Entry by Playa Chica and free descent to the drop off at 20 meters. Down and to the left side we can find the Cathedral. The Cathedral is a huge dome full sponges, Knobby corals, anemones and Tube worms . As we ascent over the reef we will see a beautifull bubbles courtain coming up from the bottom providing a very special view of the blue ocean.


Entry by Playa Chica, we go down to the drop off and following the reef up to 30 meters where the small wreck rests . Diving along the reef the rocks formation an Orange Coral is inside an small alcove of lava flow. If we look at the blue is frecuent to see big soals of bogues and after them atlantic bonitos and barracudas and our friend the grooper will come to say hello.

el agujero azul

Entry through the harbour down the sand slope down to the reef. It´s an amazing swimming through the reef that leads down and out the other side into the blue ocean. This dive is between 20-30 meters. also a perfect site for the first night dive.

coral naranja

From the arch, we leave the reef on the left side forming a canyon with a large cave at its base, with a big branch of orange coral hunging like a lamp. We find there many small caves with narval shrimps.

cueva de las gambas

We start on the deck, diving along the sand slope up to the reef. From here we descent up to 40 meters we can find a carvern where thousands of shrimps run alon the ceiling toguether with the groopers that want to eat them.


Entry from the boat. We start the dive going down along the line. We descend leaving a group of rocks on the side. We get the sand slope up to the reef . At 18 meters, under a ledge grows a beautiful branch of Orange Coral. We follow the reef where we´ll find plenty of groupers, nudibrachs and is a perfect place to find also angel sharks and butterfly rays. At around 28 meters there is a cave with a hanging anemone and the beautiful Fary basslet.

richies place

The dive begins at the line of buoys that mark the beach swimming area. At the bottom descend down the reef to the small arch formed in the rock. From there, follow the reef to the left and just a few meters away, you will find a placard in honor of Richard that give its name to this dive.

veril de fariones

Along this reef we can do many different dives, specially deep dives. At the bottom of the big wall we find the black coral forrest at over 60 meters deep within just a few minutes swimming form the beach is perfect for technical divers.We find here huge dusky groupers and giant anemones.

pecios de puerto del carmen

Close inspection of some wooden wrecks and a large cavern at the base of the reef between 24 and 40 meters. An amazing dive where we can find large Tuna and Jacks hunting on the large soals of Bogues.

pecios del barranqo del quíquere

Entry from boat. Visibility is most of days ideal for a fantastic dive. There are frecuent huge banks of bogues with amberjacks and barracuda looking after them. Also are common angel sharks, stingrays and butterfly rays.