A different marriage proposal: Swimming with sharks!

In this world we know that there are ordinary people and unique people. ‘Unique’ means ‘extraordinary or excellent’, and extraordinary or excellent people do extraordinary or excellent things. Like, for example, organise your marriage proposal in the Lanzarote Aquarium, surrounded by sharks and rays.

Jacobo Hernández is one of those unique people that would do the impossible because of love. Recently, during his vacation in Lanzarote, he came with his girlfriend to visit us for diving a couple of days. And we did it, but we didn’t expect what happened next. This is the own Jacobo who speaks about it:


pedida de mano entre tiburones
  • We have been in Lanzarote wanting to do scuba diving but couldn't find the right place. But when we enter through the door of Native Diving and given hosting, kindness and affection by José Luis, there was no doubt: this is the place, I said to my girlfriend. We did two dives in Puerto del Carmen, spectacular and unbeatable. When we got into the water and began to see the seabed, fish of different colors, a blanket shark and other fish varieties, the time flied because of the genius that we were on the sea bottom surrounded with underwater beauty. The monitor Luis and another guy that I do not remember his name were at all times attentive if we were not comfortable to solve the problem. They are professionals from head to toe. And I wanted to do something out of normal, so I met with José Luis and Óscar to request marriage to my girlfriend inside the Aquarium, which has sharks (bamboo, wet nurse), a turtle, a huge blanket and other fish species. With the help of the innovation of Sea Trek and Native Diving team it was really easy, a dream being in the huge aquarium with these marine species. But what was my surprise when we met the journalist Aránzazu, from the newspaper La Provincia, who told me that if we wanted a report. We agreed, and appeared on the cover of the newspaper. An UNFORGETTABLE memory! Later, José Luis gave us a beautiful video with pictures. We will be back to see you and to have any other dive (we are left wanting much more). A huge greeting and many hugs to all the great team that you are at NATIVE DIVING!!!! José Luis, Óscar, Luis and the rest of the team. Thank you for everything."


Thanks to you, Jacobo and María José! Indeed, this original proposal was reflected in the newspaper La Provincia, whose story can be read below. Definitely, a unique and unforgettable experience that can make your vacation in Lanzarote the vacation of your life.

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